Masafumi Komatsu

The way that creative sound space should be designed -Soundscape design in Kyoto-

I consider "Peaceful Space" a space that brings a sense of serenity to human beings from both physical and mental aspects. In particular, I focus on sound approach to create "Peaceful Space" as a sound environmental designer and researcher as well as a pianist. I think that the field of sound has a unique role to intermediate between physical and mental worlds. Sounds can directly influence our emotions and also it can easily spread in space, which enables us to physically measure them.

To explore this concept into actual spaces, I would like you to introduce two cases of my soundscape designs in Kyoto city. First, I surveyed the characteristics of soundscape in Kyoto city by collecting the sounds of traditional Japanese landscape gardens, temples, shrines, and everyday life of communities and interpreting the good qualities of the sound environment. Next, I conducted the specific soundscape designs at two spaces. One is Kyoto Tower observation deck where I introduced my ambient music to improve the sound environment. The other is Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Garden (greenhouse) where I am planning to introduce sound stimuli to create warmth and serenity in the space. In conclusion, I would say that to create "Peaceful Space" it is important to learn natural sounds and ancestral wisdom of soundscape designs.

Bio: associate professor of Kyoto Seika University, department of humanities . He has a Doctor of Engineering, Masters of Musicology and Agriculture, Bachelor of Agriculture. He is also a sound environmental designer and pianist

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