Tamsin Kerr

Our bodies of clay experience the sheer delight of our more-than-human world through landscapes of sound. This is what landscape memoir is made of; this is where peace is born. Love of a place is constituted through an awe born from the imagination as well as the scientific microcosm. We improvise around place, this throne, and our more-than-human nature. We produce ithin the thick time of soundscape, speak of darkness and of light, play with nature, let nature's animal spirit lead in this short dance we create upon this earth. Here is our chance to tell the history and the future of this land through the soundscapes of music, to be more artful in our imaginations. Certainly, we play in partnership with the many layers (past, present, and future) of each place. We take the temper and the tempo of this earth, building it to a more ceremonial time. Such sounds sink into place, enhancing peaceful space. Come, let us listen... landscape's always dreaming the wild.

Bio: Tamsin Kerr writes under the supervision of a mountain in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. Tamsin escaped the confines of senior public service positions in environment and culture so as to find the stillness and beauty of a more settled place. In the process of writing herself into the landscape, she found she had acquired a PhD, titled "Conversations with the bunyip: The idea of the wild in imagining, planning, and celebrating place through metaphor, memoir, mythology, and memory". Now she is investigating and writing about the links between the arts and environment, as well as establishing the Design, Art, Land Centre of the Cooroora Institute with herfurniture designer/maker partner, Ross Annels.

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